Biometric Screening

Your health coach will perform a full baseline assessment of the most important biometric values affecting your health, including blood pressure, height and weight, VO₂ max, and basal metabolic rate. You'll also receive the most accurate body-composition analysis available, using our seven-site skin-fold test. We can even evaluate your cholesterol and glucose values, without even leaving the fitness center!

Biomechanical Screening

Flexibility and joint impingement can have a significant impact on your health and well-being, especially if your job requires repetitive motions or long periods of time sitting in one place. Our custom biomechanical screening program evaluates eight measures of flexibility and pinpoints areas where simple exercises can help to improve your body's range of motion.

Health Possibilities Questionnaire

The HPQ is a health survey that provides insight into your self-reported wellbeing. This questionnaire evaluates lifestyle factors such as emotional health, work/life balance, exercise, nutrition, and disease prevention. The information that your health coach receives from this questionnaire helps him or her to devise the most effective plan for you.

Participant Report

Our system analyzes the data from your biometric and biomechanical screenings, and your Health Possibilities Questionnaire, to produce an individualized report showing where you're on the right track and where you have opportunities for improvement. Over time, as you use the fitness club and come back for follow-up screenings, your report will show progress toward improved health and well-being!

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